“Get it on and on”


FK journey started from an old heritage house where it Started its initial operations of Night wears with a small team. With the passage of time, it expanded its operations by adding more products like Watches and Multani Khussa’s and adding more team members.

FK is one of the chief virtual brands offering online tremendous and sensational Quality Products in most appropriate conducts.

We always do our best to mollify our Esteemed Clients with our optimal class of trendy & voguish Night wears, Elegant & classy collection of Watches and traditionally striking Multani Khussa’s.

We efficaciously meet the customer’s anticipations with our vast proficiency and a wonderful revelation of our team of professionals who are continually striving eagerly for the satisfaction of our clients in absolute conducts.

We have a verity of sensational and extraordinary Night wears, Watches & Multani khussa’s and our collection will be gradually enhanced with trends and rations of the market accordingly.